Sandeep Ray


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This course will cover EACH OF THE the following topics IN DETAIL:

1. When To Appoint A Distributor 

2. Company's expectation from Distributor: 

a. Finance 

b. Infrastructure - Godown, Vehicle, Manpower, IT Hardware and Software 

c. Sales and Service 

d. Compliance to Company Policies 

e. Involvement in business 

f. Good market reputation 

g. Long-term player 

3. Distributor's Expectation From Company 

a. Fast Moving Products 

b. Sales Support 

c.  ROI Calculation

d. How to make ROI healthy

e. Quick issue resolution 

4. Managing The Distributor's Life Cycle 

a. Distributor Profile 

b. Distributor Selection - Steps

c. Setting Up DB Operations 

d. Distributor Induction 

e. Distributor Evaluation 

f. Distributor Exit 

5. Joint Business Plan

In this course, you will get: 

1. All the formats/Tools related to Distributor Management discussed in the module

2. Learn all the calculations like - How to calculate the distributor infra required for your business 

3. All the processes related to DB Management 

4. The techniques for DB Management 

The Early Bird Pricing ends on 13/12/2020. 



  • Overview

  DB Infra - Part 1

  • Investment
  • Godown Space

  DB Infra - Part 2

  • Delivery Vehicle
  • Manpower and IT

  Return On Investment

  • ROI Formula
  • More ROI Heads
  • ROI Case Study Question
  • ROI Case Study
  • ROI Case Study Solution

  Making ROI Healthy

  • Inventory Management - Part 1
  • Inventory Management - Part 2 and Claims Management
  • Stock and Sales Register
  • Market Credit Management
  • Credit Tracker
  • Expense Analysis
  • Expense Analysis Worksheet

  DB Life Cycle Management

  • DB Selection
  • DB Selection - Market Survey Format
  • DB Selection and DB Operations
  • DB Evaluation While Appointing

  Distributor Evaluation

  • Distributor Evaluation
  • DB Evaluation Format

  Joint Business Plan

  • Joint Business Plan
  • JBP Format