Sandeep Ray


About the course

Here we will discuss the very 4 basic steps for expanding distribution in new geographies. You will learn concepts like DPL, ND, Beat, Routes etc. You will learn processes like retail mapping process, beat designing process, new outlet opening process etc. You will also get to download tools to implement these processes. We will also discuss the skills that will help you while talking to a retailer and handling his objections. To sum up, this course will help local brands become regional brand and regional brand become national brand. Are you ready for the leap!

In this course you will get answers to the following questions:

What are the distribution opportunities in India?

How to analyse Census data?

How to select new towns for coverage expansion?

How to use the concept of Dealer Per Lakh (DPL)?

What are the approaches for expanding coverage in existing markets?

What is Numeric Distribution? How is it different from DPL?

What is Retail Mapping?

How to use territory maps?

What is a Beat? What is a Route?

What should be the frequency of coverage?

How to design order booking and delivery beats?

How to do beat balancing?

What are the steps involved in opening a new outlet?

How to handle retailer objections?

How to build relationship with the retailer?

Who may attend this course? 

FMCG industry professionals

FMCG companies

FMCG distributors

Management Students who are interested in FMCG industry

People who are looking for job in FMCG sales

Benefits of attending this course

Save a lot of time and resources by avoiding trial and error method while entering a new market

Use your resources in a much more efficient way

Set the right targets and right timelines

Achieve the targets and get the desired results on time


  Introduction Module

  • Intro Video

  Identify New Market For Expansion

  • How To Select The Target Market
  • Coverage Expansion In Towns Where We Are Already Present
  • Download - DPL Calculator
  • Download - Cities With More Than 1 Million Population
  • Lesson 1 - Identify New Market For Expansion
  • Project

  Retail Mapping

  • What is Retail Mapping
  • Retail Mapping Process
  • Download - Retail Mapping Format
  • Lesson 2 - Retail Mapping
  • Project

  Beat Designing

  • Time & Motion Study
  • Determine The Number Of Outlets, Beats and Routes
  • How To Design Order Booking And Delivery Beats
  • Download - Time & Motion Study Format
  • Lesson 3 - Beat Designing
  • Project

  Opening New Outlets

  • Spot New Outlets And Prepare To Sell
  • Steps Of The Sales Call
  • Handle Retailer Objections And Build Relationship
  • Lesson 4 - Opening New Outlets
  • Project