Sandeep Ray


In this "Go To Market - Planning" online course we will cover:

1. What is GTM?

2. The key components of a GTM Plan

3. Understanding the target audience

4. Identifying the targeted markets

5. Developing a plan to reach the market

6. How the GTM evolves with business

7. GTM Planning Tool and how to use it effectively

Who can attend:

1.  FMCG sales professionals

2. FMCG Startup Entrepreneurs

3. MBA students who wants to join the FMCG industry

What preparation do you need :

1. You should have zoom downloaded in your PC/Mobile

2.  Keep a note book and paper ready

The course fee is Rs.699.

Early Bird Offer of Rs.499 closes on 9th June 2022. (Promo Code - GTM01)